My KPFA - A Historical Footnote



I dreamt I saw Lew Hill last night . . .


KPFA The Participation Station

Like the Living Theatre, Black Mountain College and the Civil Rights movement in the early '60s, Pacifica Radio was a salutary experiment in democratizing the sort of institution which is usually controlled from above. The results were often spectacular: not because the staff were uniquely talented, but because they could afford the luxury of habitual integrity.


The Lengthening Shadow Lewis Hill and the Origins of Listener-Sponsored Radio in America  I suffered, I was there...


Pacifica in Vincula  The Life and Death of Great American Radio.


Matthew Lasar: Pacifica Radio: The Rise of an Alternative Network. My review for American Studies in Scandinavia, 1999.


War in Heaven  In Uneasy Listening, Matther Lasar continues his encyclopaedic history of KPFA and Pacifica Radio.